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The Four Cs of Palliative Care:Comfort, Communication, Choices & Control: Basics for Providers & Healthcare Professionals/Clinicians

This book provides the fundamental components of palliative care. It helps all healthcare professionals to understand what they can do for those with serious illness in providing quality care, The four Cs identifies and guides the skills that are the key elements of comfort, communication, choices, and control for those with serious illness..  Purchase Here.






Through Mya’s Eyes: My Life As A Therapy Dog

This uplifting family oriented book tells the story of Mya, a seven-year-old golden retriever, as told by her human Nancy. Through Mya’s Eyes begins with a preface distinguishing between therapy dogs, service dogs and companion/emotional support dogs. The story then tells of Mya meeting her owner, Nancy, and then becoming a therapy dog, also known as an animal-assisted activity. As her trainer and handler Nancy works Mya to create a therapy dog team. Readers will enjoy Mya’s adventures in her story. Readers will appreciate the artwork and photos by four students, ages 14 to 18 years old, who captured the true essence of Mya in action. Through Mya’s Eyes will give you the depth and feeling from a dog’s point of view –what it is like to be a therapy dog.  Purchase Here.




What if the doctor asks you about…CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

“Do you want CPR?” When you or your loved one are being admitted to a hospital or having a procedure, your nurse or doctor may ask you this question. By default standard of care, it is assumed you want CPR attempted, or what the medical team calls “full code.” Full code means everything will be attempted to regain your heart and breathing function, as explained later in this booklet. Your choice of attempting CPR or allowing natural death is up to you. This booklet will assist you with answering your questions about this decision.  Purchase Here.