Patients and Families

Nancy Joyner Consulting - Helping Patients and Families with Advocacy and Hard Conversation
As a consultant and patient advocate, Nancy will assist individuals who are seriously ill or vulnerable as well as their loved ones.

As a Consultant, Nancy can discuss what the doctor has said as well as what choices and options are available. She can answer many questions that arise AFTER the appointment or before upcoming ones.

In the Grand Forks, ND region:

Nancy is available to talk to patients and families face to face, by phone or by email. With permission, she is able to read individual medical records, attend appointments and team meetings.

For others outside the Grand Forks, ND region: Nancy is available by phone or email.

Nancy will clarify questions you may not have been able to ask– not knowing what you do not know.

Nancy can provide information and resources for families as well as for those facing vulnerable or seriously illness:

  • Palliative Care
  • Hospice Care
  • CPR and DNR orders
  • Hard Conversations / Hard Choices
  • Making Decisions about Tube Feedings
  • Making Decisions about Dialysis
  • Making Decisions about ICU or not going into the hospital

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Nancy can coordinate with the healthcare team and those facing serious illness. She can assist with creating a care plan throughout the course of illness. She can advise on planning for future medical decisions to both patients and families. She will be a mentor for shared decision making, since it is not the doctor that decides. She will provide resources for managing pain and symptoms.

As a Patient Advocate, Nancy:

  • Focuses on Patient Centered Care – Autonomy
  • Supports Loved Ones-Family-Centered Care
  • Approaches healthcare as a whole person
  • Works with the medical team
  • Enhances communication regarding care in the clinic, hospital, facility or home
  • Achieves the patient’s sense of control
  • Respects the patient’s values, culture and belief regarding illness

Nancy provides Patient Care to both patients and families by her ability to:

  • Attend appointments (locally in Grand Forks, ND region)
  • Review medical records (locally in Grand Forks, ND region)
  • Focus on care beyond cure / treatment
  • Reduce the burdens on the family
  • Provide resources to
    • Optimize quality-of-life / well-being
    • Reduce pain and suffering
    • Focus on appropriate management of pain and other symptoms
  • Answer questions you may not be able to ask someone else

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