Frequently Asked Questions – Palliative Care


Q: Isn’t palliative care the same as hospice care?
A: No. All of hospice care is palliative care, but not all of palliative care is hospice. Hospice focuses on comfort and specific end of life care whereas palliative care is available and offered to those patients and families facing serious illness. Palliative care can be offered months to years before someone is appropriate for hospice care.

Q: Can I have palliative care when I still want everything possible for me to get better?
A: Yes. Anyone who has a serious illness can benefit from palliative care. You can get care and treatment for your illness as well as receiving palliative care at the same time. You do not have to choose over the other.

Q: Why would I want palliative care?
A. Most doctors and nurses focus mostly on you as a patient with a disease. However, palliative care will focus on you as a person, your family and be a strong advocate to get all of your questions answered. The palliative care team members want to know more about what is important to you and what you and your loved one’s concerns are. Palliative care sees how your illness affects not just you but your family and loved ones.

Q: Is palliative care available where I live?
A. Not all regions or hospitals have palliative care. Nancy will assist you and your healthcare providers to bring palliative care to you the best way we can. She will find what services and providers are available for you. She is an expert in palliative care information and education and will assist you to the best of her ability.